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TreeCycler Sustainability Statement
by The TreeCycler


I use only the remains of urban and suburban trees which have died from disease or a homeowner's concern for his or her property. I do not take wood that is removed simply to clear land for multiple family dwellings or businesses.


 I record the address of every tree, or the nearest street corner in cases where the land owner desires anonymity. When I sell a piece, the new owner receives the address for their tree and can visit its prior home.


  If you must remove a tree, please put a replacement in an appropriate place so that it will not be a nuisance to future generations. This is one of the leading reasons for deforestation in a fully developed urban landscape: trees planted where they become a hazard or a problem for others.


 Trees provide shade, exhale oxygen, and reduce evaporation and runoff, which is good for our water supply. Plan for the growth of the trees you plant, and the tree will be rewarded with a long life.
  Make an environmentally responsible commuter vehicle.

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